• Bonus Music #71


    Someone stop them. They are going to get hurt at this rate.

    Get some bonus music below to calm down with.

    [1] Source

    ⌠♪ Music⌡Ponytronic - Cloud Pinkie by OfficialPonytronic

    Instrumental - Hard Dance

    [2] Source

    Jazz Sans Titre by Kelvin C. H. Reverie

    Instrumental - Jazz

    [3] Source

    [Feat. Alex Gray] The Cosine Pitchshifterz | The Equestrian Sea [BronyCon 2017 DJ Tool #004] by Cosine Pitchshifterz Official

    Vocal - Hardstyle

    [4] Source

    Forever - An MLP Original Song (For Ashley H's Remembrance) by Sparkle Chord

    Vocal - Pop

    [5] Source

    Violin Melody - f0x!n7h380x (Original Non-usual Mix) [Pinkamena Party 5] by Violin Melody

    Instrumental - Experimental House

    [6] Source

    SLMR - Brone Noise (Trance) by SLMR

    Instrumental - Trance

    [7] Source

    Assertive - Skybound (Cynifree Remix) by Cynifree

    Instrumental - Tropical House

    [8] Source

    Hate for the Rising Sun (Fallout: Equestria) - SkyBolt - (The Animals, made yet more animal-like) by SkyBolt

    Vocal - Parody

    [9] Source

    Sparkles (Dusk Shine Theme) by The Pinkie Pie

    Instrumental - Orchestral

    [10] Source

    Goodnight Sun [Dubstep] by MANIkyn

    Instrumental - Dubstep

    [11] Source

    BroeKai - Cadance [Original Mix] by BroeKai Music

    Instrumental - Trance

    [12] Source

    Above the clouds by Morphmoon

    Instrumental - Trance

    [13] Source

    DezmoondPony - His Sensitivity by Dezmoondpony

    Instrumental/Vocal Chops - House

    [14] Source

    MLP:FiM Image song 34 The Rainbooms - Friendship Rainbow by B86ed by Tunestar

    Instrumental - Alt. Rock