• Random Pony Merch: DELICIOUS COOKIE, Scary Twilights, Blindbags, and More!

    Those cookies look delicious. I wonder if Pinkie Pie is strawberry flavored? Thesew were found at a Weis grocery store by Afton!

    And below the break, lots of random merch. Go get it!

    Rarity's Coloring Adventure

    Found at: Scotland Co-Operative
    Foundy by: Chell

    Scary Twilight Plushie


    Found at: Target
    Foundy by: Brian

    Blindbag Wave 16

    Found at: H-E-B
    Foundy by: Jason

     Party Supplies

    Found at: Amazon
    Foundy by: Ron

    Chupa Chupa Lolipop Holders

    Found at: Chicago Walmart
    Foundy by: Victor and Machoskater

    200 Sticker Book

    Found at: Dollar General
    Foundy by: Ron and Soan

    MLP movie shoes

    Found at: Cross Way
    Foundy by:  Richard

    Fishing Pole

    Found at: Bass Pro Shop
    Foundy by: James