• Project SEAPonyCon Announces Michelle Creber Following Andrea Libman Cancellation

    Project SEAPonyCon has a scooped up Apple Bloom for their upcoming convention. Head on down below for the presser!

    Time really flies! It’s just three months until Project SEAPonyCon and final preparations are about to go into high gear to usher in Southeast Asia’s Most Anticipated Pony Convention!

    We are proud to announce that the amazing multi-talented Michelle Creber will be making an appearance at Project SEAPonyCon! The convention will also be her very first trip to Asia and we are more than hyped to make it an awesome one. To add icing to the cake, Michelle will be performing at Friendship X, one of the concerts of Project SEAPonyCon. Join us in commemorating her very first trip to Asia and prepare for memories that will last a lifetime in everyone’s hearts.

    Unfortunately, the original VVIP of Project SEAPonyCon Andrea Libman had to cancel her appearance at the event as her professional commitments came into conflict with the convention schedule. Andrea’s appearance would have been the first time an MLP VA attends a pony convention in person in the whole continent of Asia. We would like to wish her all the best in her commitments and hope to be able to have her in our part of the world sometime in the future.

    Michelle Creber is a 17 year old award-winning actor, singer, dancer, musician, song-writer and voiceover artist who is known around the world as the speaking/singing voice of “Apple Bloom” and the singing voice for "Sweetie Belle" in more than 50 episodes of the hit animated series, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic. She is the youngest regular MLP cast member and was only 10 years old when she started season one, which included her epic gospel singing solo in Hush Now Quiet Now. Other voiceover credits include “Lucy” in Peanuts and “Wendy” in the New Adventures of Peter Pan. Onscreen roles include “Kelly” in the Netflix series Strange Empire, Supernatural, The Haunting Hour and Disney’s Search For Santa Paws. A professional singer for most of her life, Michelle has recorded lead vocals for many TV/movie soundtracks and many albums including her own solo albums, four collaboration albums with Black Gryph0n and three Hasbro albums (Songs of Ponyville, It’s A Pony Kind of Christmas and Songs of Harmony).

    Here at Project SEAPonyCon, we also believe that records are not for holding but for breaking. Thus, it is with great honor that we hand the title for the first pony convention in Asia with an MLP VA in attendance to CNBronyCon in Guangzhou, China. Congratulations on securing not one but two MLP VAs for your inaugural pony convention! While this is the case, Project SEAPonyCon is still the first convention in Southeast Asia to have a VA on board.

    We aren’t making comparisons here, and it’s not the case of one convention being better than the other. It’s about celebrating achievements and making them the inspirations to the community to go all out to raise the bar wherever we can.

    Applications for Musicians, Panelists, Vendors and Volunteers and Staff are still open, so if you would still like to make your mark and contribute to the success of the convention, the doors are still open, but not for long as the date looms ever closer!

    Sign up forms are below:

    Buy tickets: http://tickets.SEAPonyCon.com

    Volunteer: http://staffapplication.SEAPonyCon.com

    Run a panel/activity: http://HarmonySix.SEAPonyCon.com

    Audition to perform: http://musicians.SEAPonyCon.com

    Contribute music: http://album.SEAPonyCon.com

    Join the conversation: http://discord.SEAPonyCon.com

    We believe that a place for friendship shouldn’t be for just one nation. It just seemed like yesterday when we first mulled the idea and now, we’re so close we can almost taste it. We can’t wait to see you have the time of your life. We can’t wait to see you rocking out. We can’t wait to see the smiles on your face and most importantly, we can’t wait to see you at Project SEAPonyCon!