• Community Soapbox #29 - Is Celestia Dead? Is Rainbow Becoming Girly? and More!

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    • Is Celestia Already Dead?
    • Rainbow Dash's Wonderbolts
    • Theory: Is Rainbow Dash becoming a girly girl?
    • In Defence of Licence Games
    • Should Spike end his crush on Rarity?

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    Is Celestia Already Dead?
    By: Nightmare Muffin

    Everyone knows that the sun, like any star, takes energy to continue to burn. But what if Princess Celestia, A.K.A. Sunbutt, has depleted all of hers?

    As the solar sister, it's not an issue of "what if", but "when"? If it has happened already, due to exhausting her power supply, I.E. the EoH, then like the actual sun, Celestia is in a white dwarf state, bright and luminous, but still a dead star thats only role is to cool off over time. Through six seasons, we have repeatedly seen Celestia in such a role, where she is frequently played as the powerless damsel in distress, unable to properly protect her own citizens, and "dwarfed" by six stars who shine far brighter than her, and are more competent in their role as guardians of Equestria.

    I think it is clear that Celestia has long since become a dead white dwarf (physically, and metaphorically), and likely, the physical remnants of the celestial luminary that she controls, has as well. Though it takes a long time for stars in such a state to cool off after their death, it may not be immediately obvious to ponies or fans for a long time yet to come.

    Rainbow Dash's Wonderbolts
    By: Lightning Dusk

    In "Newbie Dash" we learn that apparently the only way to get into the Wonderbolts is replace a retired member. This opens up a floodgate for episodes that focus on the Ponyville Weather Patrol(and Lightning Dust) taking the place of the current Wonderbolts one at a time, this could be the chance to develop all the characters introduced in "Hurricane Fluttershy" and "Wonderbolts Academy" that other than Bulk Biceps and Thunderlane we know basically nothing about. which is a horrible shame since most of these guys are implied to be Dash's childhood friends that she's known longer than the mane six! that alone means they should get their own episodes and them slowly replacing the current Bolts is the perfect way to do that! To add to that concept these episodes revolved around Rainbow solving the problems of the old WB so they could retire in peace or even Dash's fellow cadets getting promoted by proving themselves worthy. I think this is the way to go with Wonderbolt episodes going forward.

    Theory: Is Rainbow Dash becoming a girly girl?
    by Eddie Saturn

    Because of the controversy there was over RD being "Pampered" in Applejack's Day Off and a very heated discussion I saw over whether RD is even a tomboy. I've complied both her femininity and anti-femininity.
    • S1 amd S3-Nothing notable
    • S2-in Ponyville Confidential, RD can't use the spa and considers something she does in S6 slander to the point of being violent towards the CMC.
    • S4-RD hates a dress magic'd onto her by Rarity
    • S5-her dream sequence is opposite of everyone else because she enjoys ultra-violence and her actual nightmare is a bunch of girly flowers.
    • S6-RD uses the spa regularly to pamper herself and speaks in a voice so womanly it makes Rarity sound butch.
    • S7-in ep2 RD uses the spa with the group, isn't secret or embarrassed about it and even has coupons.

    That's what I've found on this topic, personally I don't consider someone a tomboy if they aren't at least indifferent to traditional girly things and RD becoming her G3 self would be awesome.

    Should Spike end his crush on Rarity?
    By: MegaSean45

    This is gonna disappoint Sparity fans everywhere! :P

    Spike's crush on Rarity has been an ongoing thing since the beginning of the series, and over the years, he's really helped her in tough situations, and their friendship still grows stronger, and we can tell they get along GREAT! The crush started off really cute, but things have changed.

    However, their relationship hasn't developed since season 4, and now the crush has become less cute and more of a cringeworthy gag. After Castle Sweet Castle, I asked, "What's the point?" Rarity keeps using his crush on her to make him do things he might not wanna do; and the writers were so focused on that crush, that Spike hasn't shared episodes with half of the Mane Six, but I'll get to that subject in a future post.

    My point is, it's been confirmed by some of the staff that their relationship is more of an adult-child crush, and like every adult-child crush, there's a point where the child learns the truth and moves on. This crush really isn't serving any purpose anymore. I do want them to stay friends, but the crush has gotta go. But that said, I'll leave it up to my bro Spike to decide! ;)

    I don't have anything against their age or their species (I mean look at Donkey and Dragon from Shrek, it's really not that different), but since this arc isn't getting anymore development, I don't think it should be around anymore. Let Spike make his final love decision when he's older.

    In Defense of License Games
    By: Nick-Knack

    I think it’s disingenuous to say that Them's Fighting Herds is automatically better than F.I.M because the narrative(which largely irrelevant to FGs) is different. In terms of originality TFH is still largely a combination BlazBlue,UMVC3 and Street Fighter 4 and that’s not a bad thing quite the opposite actually but it’s hypocritical to to ignore that and then say like it’s great because of a new narrative. You don't need a new narrative to build a great game, plenty of great games are built on preexisting narratives like the Witcher and Arkham games and i think many don't understand how great something made for a specific series can be.

    Hyper Dragon Ball Z is one of best fighting games out there and it’s a fangame that could only be made for DBZ. So the idea that FIM couldn't be ambitious or great is debunked by that game and the fact that it got halfway to EVO.

    I do agree that TFH is a good thing that gives Mane6 their own IP and the SG engine, however Mane6 didn't need Hasbro to do that and i wanted to point out license games can be great too.