• Drum & Bass Music: Totalspark & bank pain - Riverside Memories / The Living Tombstone - Like A Spinning Record (Risen Remix)

    After a torrent of it, we've had a bit of a lull in drum & bass recently, but maybe that's changing up again? Here's two new ones! First up Totalspark's awesome abilities with chill combine with bank pain's drum & bass know-how to create a sultry soundscape of gentle pads, cute synths and ultra-smooth percussion. There's some pretty lovely piano thrown in too for good measure. Second is a remix of a classic Tombstone track from Risen. Whilst the alias is mostly retired these days, it's nice to hear the occasional smooth drum & bass piece we all enjoy from him still. The first half is pretty chilled out, before getting a heck of a lot more powerful towards the end. Check them both out below!