• Toy Fair First Look: Pony Stickers, Puzzles, Plushes and More

    We Are Borg here with hot Toy Fair 2017 news. Before or first appointments we've taken a look around at some booths and found a some puzzles by Cardinal and hit up the ty booth to see if anything was new.

    Read below for more!

    First stop was this booth by Cardinal. Something told us they had pony...

    Mini Tim puzzle. 

    This puzzle that you draw on.

    Swung by TY's booth and they plan on keeping their entire MLP like so if you've not gotten your favorite pony, you will still have a chance. Don't forget the princesses that recently came out. 

    AlterEgo had a bunch of car decals and other stickers including some shiny ones. Expect some glitter stickers and even some MLP movie theme later on!