• Toy Fair 2017 - My Little Pony Preview Presentation - LIVE UPDATES

    Good afternoon everyone! The Illustrious Q is here blogging to you live from the Hasbro Brand Preview Event! What am I going to cover? Everything and anything related to My Little Pony of course!

    Expect lots of movie news, lots of season 7 news, and who knows what else. Maybe a My Little Pony and Transformers Crossover? Crazy I know. But we'll find out for sure starting in a few short minutes! Unfortunately no photos are allowed during the presentation.

    Be sure to check out everything after the break for constant live updates!

    NOTE: Pony Starts NOW!!!

    Update: Panel is over now. We only got season 7 stuff, but BIG season 7 stuff. 


    14 Million Engaged fans! Fan art is being show. User generated content. SNEAK PEEK of Season 7 Story!

    Megan McCarthy details the story.

    Rainbow Dash - We meet her parents! Windy Whistles and Bow Hot Hoof!
    Applejack - Bright Mac and Pear Butter are Applejack's Parents! Old Grand Pear.

    Animatic of season 7 episode 13. Episode Showing AJ's parents. Oh my god. AJ's mom sings a new song! Episode seems to be a flashback to early in their relationship. Romeo and Juliet type story, AJ's mom admitted to her dad that she fell in love with him.


    Panel starting now!

    Hasbro speaker is dressed up as Luke Skywalker for the presentation.

    Video showed for upcoming Transformers Forged to Fight video game. The game is dedicated to giving the full Transformers line in one video game.

    Toy reveals now for Transformers. Starting with Titans Return. Legends Line. Ramhorn, Roadburn, Autobot Cosmo, Seaspray, Deluxe Line, Gatorface, Twintwist, scorchfire/windblade, Decepticon Octone, and Bltizwing,

    Big announcement! Trypticon announced as Fan Vote Winner! Video showcasing him! Walking through design process now with images of the prototyping process. Details on him are incredible. Stands over 20 inches tall.

    Final figure revealed, and he's eating the Titan Masters!

    First sneak peek into Power of the Primes. Starting with Choose the next prime! Fan vote on who the next prime will be.

    Round one Ultra Magnus, Optimus Primal, Star Saber, and Unknown Evil (wild card).

    And the winner is: Optimus Primal!

    Transformers Robots in Disguise. Season 3 coming this fall. New Opening! Subtiled Combiner Force. Ultra Bee Combiner shown briefly. New level of teamwork for Team Bumblebee!

    Two combiner villains Bumblebee has to go up against.

    Transformers Rescue Bots. Biggest Optimus Prime ever!

    Now onto Transformers The Last Knight. Specifically the toys relating to Michael Bay's latest movie. Premier Edition Voyager toys featured are: Steelbane (transformer Dragon), Dinobot Slug, Dinobot Slashm Strafe, Gimlock, Scorn, Bumblebee, Drift, Crosshairs, Megatron (transforms into a jet!), Hound.

    Leader Class: Megatron,

    Deluxe: Autobot Sqweeks (movie prop in the showroom after the show).

    New Product Line: Allspark tech. Literally put the allspark in the hands of the kids and power up the transformers. 20 plus sound effects. Cube is transferable across all the toys in this line.

    New Figure: Dragonstorm Mega Turbo Charger

    10 Year anniversary for the Transformers Film Franchise.

    April 24th, Transformers The Last Knight toys will officially hit shelves.

    For transformers fans, lots of stuff to make them happy later this year.

    Now for Hasbro's Marvel Toy Offerings. Premium Roleplay mock battle between Captain America Shield and Thor's Hammer.

    Three movies this year, three cartoons, and a boatload of live action TV shows to go over.

    Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, Music Mix Star-lord. Dancing Baby Groot, and Growing Groot (literally extends from a 12 inch figure to a 15 inch figure).

    New suit gear for Spider-man Homecoming. Classic Spider-man has a new 46" Mega City playset!

    Marvel Legends Series.
    Movie Two Packs: Doctor Strange, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spiderm-man Homecoming, Thor Ragnarok.

    Spider-man Homecoming figures:
    Tony Stark suit SPider-man. Homemade costume Spiderman, Vulture, build a vehicle. New Tony Stark Iron Man!

    All new Marvel Now Moonknight!

    Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Toy Line characters.

    Movie Fugures for Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2:
    Starlord with long coat.
    Drax (with rocket launcher).
    Rocket Raccoon and Baby Groot (1/4 sized ravager Groot)!
    Nebula and Mantis (Build a Figure).
    Kurt Russel (Ego) action figure! He looks awesome! Available in a two pack with Star-lord later this fall!

    6-Inch Thor (Lady Thor) announced!

    12 inch legends
    Showing Captain America, Iron Man, and Spider-man.

    Spider-man just walked onto the stage and interrupted the presentation to give his prototype toy to the presentors,

    12 in Deadpool! Loads of accessories! including a burrito!

    12 Inch Thor announced!

    14.5 inches tall Hulk! The strongest there is!

    Thor's Hammer. Voice Recognition. Whisper Worthy and Odin symbol lights up!

    Star-Lord Electonic Helmet announced! Bluetooth speakers and hook up built into the helmet. Two modes in the helmet. Technical difficulties with the helmet during the presentation,

    Great for everyday situations! Helmet shown everywhere in everyday life!

    Entertainment-Earth is taking pre-orders for this now!

    Marvel Legends Exclusives.
    Amazon--Sinister 6, classic pack.
    Toys R Us--Mary Jane and Spider-man Two pack, Cyclops and Dark Pheonix Two Pack, A-force Box Set, Evolution of Groot, and GotG Comic 5 Pack
    Walmart--Ultimate Spider-man (Parker) & Vulture Two Pack, 10.5 Inch Ravager Groot,
    Target--Symbiote Spider-man 12", Thor Ragnarok Two Pack, and Marvel vs Capcom something,
    Wallgreens--6" Sue Storm, 6" Human Torch.

    Netflix Defenders Figures
    Daredevil, Electra, Misty Knight, and Punisher!

    Hana Zuki plug from Megan. Clip of Hana learning from the Moon Zuki about her role in the world!

    Star Wars Time.

    Steve and Andy presenting Hasbro's star wars new toys, 40th anniversary.

    Celebrating 40 years of the franchise, lots of toys showcased from the past 40 years.

    Hasbro Toy Pic. Loads of Back Series Figures used to recreate Star Wars images from the films.

    A big thank you to the fans of Star Wars.

    Toys now!

    40th Anniversary Logo Shown.

    3" Jawa added to black series. Molded cloak with twin ion blasters. Imperial Death Squad Commander revealed for Back Series.

    Early Bird pack for the 40th anniversary legacy pack. Just like the original from 1977. Darth Vader exclusive to this set.

    All figures in this line getting the vintage cardback treatment.

    A moment about Princess Leia. Leia face sculpt updated for 40th anniversary blister pack.

    Wave 2 coming out in June.

    Star Wars Celebration Luke Skywalker: X-wing Pilot exclusive.

    Force FX lightsabers. Obi-wan lightsaber featured.

    Poe Dameron Roleplay Helmet. Surround sound brought into the helmet. Available downstairs to be looked at after the presentation.

    Nerf: First Order Stormrooper Megablaster.

    40th anniversary Monopoly.

    Collaboration w/Stoopid Buddy SToodios on stop motion Star Wars film.

    The Black Series: Centerpiece.
    Luke Skywalker--Battle of Hoth Diorama. Can accept more figures to help fill out the scene.
    Darth Vader Centerpiece Announced! Boarding the Tantive IV! Can combine with Storm Troopers to build out the scene.

    Walmart--Boba Fett, Tuskin Raider, Sand Trooper Commander, Guy who loses his arm to Obi-wan
    Target--At-act Driver

    Force Friday II (9/1/2017)

    Preview of Luke Skywalker figure from The Last Jedi!

    That's the end of the presentation. So nothing about the movie... surprising since the movie toys are font and center for the event.