• Toy Fair: TONS of Random Merch, Movie Art Style Included!

    Borg here with more New York Toy Fair goodness.

    The event has a ton of random pony merchandise throughout the event, with books, art kits, cards, and more to look forward to in 2017. We even have some brand new movie-style art being used instead of the oldschool vectors in stome products, as you can see above.

    Below the break, get a showcase of all of it.

    This company promises more MLP merch including magnets, playing cards, and lunch boxes, with most of it movie and Equestria girls related.

    Up next is Bendon which makes a lot of the coloring books and art sets you see. They have a bunch of new stuff...

    The following easel has a black board on one side and a white board on the other with optional paper roll. It's about 18"x18".

    Scratch the black leather Seau to reveal the picture.

    A high quality wood and magnet dress up cadence activity kit.

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