• My Little Pony Licence Dropped for Aurora and Diamond Select

    Borg here at New York Toy Fair with a bit of sadness. Confirmed by the companies themselves, despite having products in the pipes, both Diamond Select and Aurora will no longer be making any new My Little Pony toys. Their licenses with Hasbro were never renewed. This includes a few of their upcoming, already announced products that many of us were really looking forward to.

    For a refresher on what will be cancelled going forward, head on down below the break. 

    Edit: Sorry another pony added the Doctor Whooves figure. That did get released and I reviewed it at the link below.

    Diamond Select was the company behind the high end pony bank figures. They had pretty long release cycles and a few slightly derpy expressions, but overall their toys were really well done. Even as a just a figure they were exceptional. A lot of people were looking forward to the two side ponies above after their mane 6 lineup was done. Unfortunately, none of them will be releasing.

    I even reviewed the the current lineup of banks over here where I tried to see who could be stuffed the most and what other things I could put in them (It involves steak).

    Aurora Starlight Glimmer Plushie

    On the other side of the coin, Aurora did manage to get all of their announced plushies released, but they will not be releasing any more going forward. This may be due to Hasbro having a heavy plushie push this year. It's one of the rumors that was surrounding the sudden stop in 4DE plushies.

    We aren't sure who else is on the chopping block for licences this year, but with how crazy the release bomb was today from their licensee area, it honestly feels like Hasbro is trying to shift gears toward manufacturing everything possible on their own, as opposed to relying on 3rd party vendors to do it.

    We will report on more as more information comes in!

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