• Gardens of Equestria's Upcoming Plans and Convention Info

    For everyone following the Gardens of Equestria project, the team has released a few plans for the coming year, including their convention panel. Head on down below for it!

    The Manehattan Project will be hosting our first-ever convention panel at Pacific PonyCon 2017 on the weekend of January 6-8, 2017 in San Diego, California!
    At the GoE Panel, you'll get a world-exclusive first look at the Prologue of Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm including our brand-new cover artwork by Blue Nova, featuring music by Corvus Productions and custom voicework!
    But that's not all.
    During the panel, you'll actually get a chance to speak with four members of The Manehattan Project itself!
    Our line-up includes:
    • Ebon Quill - Quest Designer & Worldbuilding Writer!
    • Silver Chord - Worldbuilding Writer & FimFiction Author!
    • Polyphonic - Former Vocal Director and the Voice Actress for Velvet Remedy, Candi and more!
    • Novel Idea - Project Lead & Creative Director as well as author of the Wavelengths Timeline series.
    Not only will you get a live demo of the Prologue including the epic opening slideshow for Gardens of Equestria: This Coming Storm, but you'll also get to hear about the challenges of writing for a game project of such an enormous scope, the design challenges of managing a team that spans half the planet as well as the immense task of organizing a team of over twenty voice actors while performing a variety of voice acting roles!
    In addition, our panel will be moderated by the one and only LiamNeighson, author and veteran of countless pony conventions across the United States as a moderator, volunteer and general pony enthusiast!
    There's still plenty of time to register as well! Head on over to Pacific PonyCon's website today and get registered to experience this first-ever reveal! Plus, you'll get to see MLP legends as Nicole Oliver (Celestia & Cheerilee), Tabitha St. Germain (Rarity & Luna), Kelly Sheridan (Starlight Glimmer), comic artists Sarah Richards, Tony Fleecs and illustrator Marry Bellamy, plus amazing cosplayers and more community guests!
    We look forward to seeing you in January in San Diego!
    -The Manehattan Project