• Fighting is Magic: Tribute Edition - Fan Test Build Released with Trixie and More

    It's been almost three years since the release of Tribute Edition back in February of 2014. Since that time I've seen many folks playing the game in game rooms at cons across the country. As I'm not a fighting game person, the game fell off my radar a few months after the release with the only news I'd heard being that they were promising new characters in future releases, fixes, and other things.

    Flash forward to today and the team seems to be rather silent and their forum, SquirrelNET appears to be offline. I wouldn't have noticed at all if it wasn't for a curious email I got from HAL 9000 who sent me a video that contained a download link to a test build of the Tribute Edition that hadn't been released yet.

    Stranger still, after some questions to HAL he speculated the video was created by PonykillerX who disappeared awhile back, linking me to his tumblr which had reblogged a person by the name of SuicidalHorses (whose tumblr is also now gone) that explains the situation:
    Do you guys remember FIM: Tribute Edition, an attempt to bring back a game that was C&D by hasbro? Neither do I.
    Long story short, the Tribute Edition team decided they had better things to do with their lives rather than spending their time on a game nobody plays anymore. Anyway, I have a Tribute Edition test build that has been rotting on my hard drive for ages, It’s more like a finished game with new graphics that were meant for Tribute Edition but left unused. I’m going to release it because I’m not doing anything with it.
    It has new graphics for the stages and Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy + other things……. and you can play with A Great and Powerful Character too.
    Check after the break for the rest of the story, download links and more.

    Update: We've gotten confirmation from two of the folks on the Tribute team that this is NOT an official test build from the team and is just a test build created by this author. Sorry about that guys, but while it isn't official at least the Trixie in the game is decently made plus you can find a link to the original release post after the break!

    Most importantly he included links for net play and this test build. I've downloaded the game itself and it appears to be what he promised and it didn't destroy my computer which is a plus.

    Now this might be old news that a slow poke like me is just catching up on, but I also figured it was a good idea to make a new page for the Tribute Edition as the old one is filled with old links, info and an older build.

    Old Tribute Page (It still has some tips and tricks for trouble shooting)

    The video that HAL sent me

    Hopefully this was something new for you guys! If not, well, at least we have a more recent page to download the game from.

    Big thanks again to HAL 9000 for letting me know!

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