• Episode Rewatch - Fall Weather Friends - The Appledashers DREAM

    LOVE was in the air back in January of 2011, at least if you asked the early pony fandon. Many a thread on 4chan's comics and cartoons board was dedicated to mane 6 cartoon horses hookin up, with screencapped fanfics, art, and more fueling the fire. One obvious was the two most tomboyish ponies on the show, and their big duo debut only made it worst!

    Of course, that isn't the only thing Fall Weather Friends or the fandom did. We weren't that corrupt early on!

    Head on down below for some standout scenes that helped inspire things in the fandom, along with the episode itself to view as a rewatch! What did you all think of this one the first time you saw it?

    Rainbow Dash and Apples here had already had episodes pairing off with other ponies, but 13 episodes in, we hadn't had a whole lot of substantial friendshipping between them. As I mentioned above, fanon had already given them everything from a tragic past as foals to the tale of Equestria's first lesbian marriage, but not a whole lot of canon! People were dying for something involving the two of them, and this episode delivered it almost perfectly.

    The consequences of this screencap were... broad.

    Earth pony strength was challenged repeatedly. It's all in the technique right? Or is their "strength" an exaggeration?! Have we even decided on this yet? Cause this episode sparked MONTHS of wars.

     And whatever this is. Jesus christ.

    I remember going to a meetup once and someone had this as a wallpaper on their laptop. The awkward silence in the room was palpable when they first opened it up to play some episodes.

    Of course, Twilight fans weren't too thrilled at Background farmer and Rainbow cun...douche being dicks to their #1 nerd. Calls of egghead were met with many an insult directed right back in her honor.

    On another note, this was our 2nd episode in a row with seasons being controlled by ponies. A greatly appreciated bit of Equestrian lore in a world that was becoming more and more interesting.

    Of course, best bookmare showed them all in the end. Rockin that 5th place medal and Hitchhikers Guide cutie mark reference.

    Outside of the heavy romance FarmerxWeatherhorse fueled aftermath, the episode was well received and lots of people celebrated it as one of the best of the season. This image was vectorized and wallpapered by many, even if Rainbows neck is completely broken.


    Go watch it below.

    MLP FIM - S01E13 - Fall Weather Friends by unknown_walker