• Electronic Music: Hay Tea & Sky Runner - Final Battle [Chiptune Drum & Bass] / Ponytronic - Near Clear Skies (Sky Runner Remix) [Drum & Bass]

    The drum & bass never stops! There's 2 more awesome new ones, both featuring the recently prolific Sky Runner. The first is something a bit different for them, collaborating with Hay Tea to produce a fusion of drum & bass with chiptune. Some of the chip sounds are a little on the harsh side, but it mixes really well with the other electronic elements to create something I'd totally dig as final boss music. The second is a remix Sky Runner has done for Ponytronic's track Near Clear Skies. This one is a lot more traditional d&b in style, though with some cool chord modulation in the second half. Make sure to give them both a listen below if you want some fast-paced fun!

    1. Sky Runner & Hay Tea - Final Battle [Chiptune Drum & Bass]

    2. Ponytronic - Near Clear Skies (Sky Runner Remix) [Drum & Bass]