• Discussion: Write a Season 7 Synopsis!


    I'd say it's about time to do one of our annual "Fandom writes an episode synopsis" post now that we are deep within this years hiatus. Season 7 is a few months away unless they surprise us with an early release, and we have plenty of time to brainstorm an episode or two.

    So, good fandom with it's bright ideas and wonderful plans, it's time for you to get that brain in gear! Write down an episode synopsis in the comments that you want to see happen in the 7th season of MLP! It can be anything you want, from a simple slice of life to breaking all sorts of pony ratings and going full on R rated vampire slaying if you so choose. Ponies have done a lot in the last 6 years, but they have the potential to do so much more!

    Now go drop your episode below while I go pray to the Hasbro gods for bats.