• Electronic Music: DJT - Candy Bits [Future Bass] / DJT - It Isn't (Alikore Remix) [Dubstep]

    A couple of awesome new electronic tracks! First up is a pre-release track from DJT's upcoming January EP Candy Bits, with a really smooth future bass track. A combination of well placed percussion, awesome future-y chords and some signature DJT-style leads playing some great melodies help make this one of my favourite releases of DJT's so far! The other track is a remix of one of DJT's older tracks, It Isn't. Here Alikore has taken the original and turned it into a heavy dubstep track with a drop that comes in hard with some aggressive bass design carried by a sort of 'flutter-y' synth throughout the drop. Definitely taking the original in a new direction, it's great to hear some new music from Alikore again. Make sure to check both of them out below!

    1. DJT - Candy Bits [Future Bass]

    2. DJT - It Isn't (Alikore Remix) [Dubstep]