• 2snacks Releases Video on Imposters, Still Working on TBSP

    2snacks, creator of the amazing Two Best Sisters Play series, has released a new video as sort of a PSA to conventions and their attendees. Apparently people have been posing as him to possibly get special treatment at conventions even though he has never been to a convention and doesn't even live in the US.

    Also of import though is that he is still working on the next TBSP episode, great news to hear after not hearing from him at all for so long. There is a very tiny clip of it in the video, a couple seconds, but it looks pretty good!

    Anyhow, just thought I'd put this out there as a warning to conventions and their attendees and give you guys an update that 2snacks is indeed still alive.

    Thanks to everyone who sent it in!

    Twitter: Calpain