• 15% Off Christmas Sale for Brenda Hickey's Original My Little Pony Comic Art!

    Well Halloween's over, so you know what that means. It's time for Christmas! And what's the perfect thing to get for the My Little Pony Comic Collector in your life? Why original My Little Pony Comic Art of course! And My Little Pony Comic Artist Brenda Hickey has seen fit to make that a reality with a 15% off sale on her online store—Pegamoose Studios!

    When you apply the Sale Code (XMASSALE2016) at check out, 15% will be taken off of your entire order.

    For Sale are various Original MLP Comic Book Pages and Original MLP Comic Covers from the following issues:
    • FIENDShip is Magic #1
    • Friends Forever #5
    • Friends Forever #15
    • Friends Forever #20
    • Friends Forever #25
    • Friends Forever #29
    • Friendship is Magic #13
    • Friendship is Magic #17
    • Friendship is magic #24
    As a reminder, each piece of original comic book artwork is one of a kind and once it is sold, you are unlikely to see it again anytime soon. If there were any pages from those issues that you liked, be sure to snap them up quick!

    But while you're at Pegamoose Studios be sure to take a look around the rest of the shop! Both Brenda and her husband Troy have a lot of good stuff for sale on their store. You never know what you might find!

    One important note, don't forget to apply the sale code at checkout! You won't get the holiday savings otherwise!

    Sale Code: XMASSALE2016