• UK Episodes - Will We Get the Finale Tonight?

    If you were around last night or read the episode post, we didn't actually get a new episode yesterday. We weren't too sure leading up to it as mentioned a million times thanks to TIVO boxes and the website being updated back on Monday saying that the episode was replaced with a rerun. It was around a 50/50 chance. The finale is a bit different though.  As of right now has not been swapped on any of the listings.

    The prevailing runor is that Cider usage was in the planned episode and it had to be delayed. Tinypop is for little kids, and in Europe, Cider is almost always an alcoholic substance. If that is the case, it would explain why it was removed while the finale still remains for tonight.

    There are numerous screenshots of emails from Tinypop talking about the cider and saying the finale actually does air tonight.  We are about half a day away from finding out. Like yesterday, we will run another episode post and keep an eye out for streams. If we don't get anything tonight, I think it's safe to assume Hasbro stepped in to stop it, and we can return to your regularly scheduled USA release scheduled for the weeks to come. Right now though, it's looking legit. 

    See you all tonight!