• Top 5 Songs From Season 6!

    Hey guys! So I don't have much editorial experience, but when Seth asked if I wanted to give my thoughts on the top songs from the season just gone, I figured why not! Season 6 had a lot of pretty awesome songs, with a total of 12 to choose from, so if your favourite isn't here it isn't because it's bad, it's just not one of my own personal favourites. So, make sure to check below the break from my top 5 songs from the season!

    Number 5: Say Goodbye To The Holiday

    Over half of the tracks in this season were from the one episode, A Hearth's Warming Tail, so it's almost inevitable that a couple of my picks would come from that episode. Some of the songs in this episode were a bit generic, however that wasn't necessarily as much of a problem for Say Goodbye to The Holiday. I love a good villain song, and this one absolutely delivers. With some really nice lyricism and one of the more complex-sounding instrumentals in the season, the strong singing of Kelly Sheridan is just the icing on the cake that make this song stand out to me a lot more than most of the other songs in the episode.

    Number 4: Find The Purpose In Your Life

    Gabby Griffon is a pretty great new character for the show, and the song Find The Purpose In Your Life is just about as full of energy as she is. The verses are a great bunch of fun with especially amusing lines such as 'Help you teach pre-calculus, scrub the floors won't make a fuss' helping to keep attention throughout the song, and the CMC deliver a pretty great chorus (Babs Seed best CMC song still). This is probably the most traditional-sounding song on the list, as the instrumental doesn't deliver anything particularly out of the ordinary, but it absolutely manages to achieve what it needs to.

    Number 3: It's Gonna Work

    Standing out mostly for its completely different-sounding instrumental from the rest of the tracks of the season, It's Gonna Work is a breath of fresh air drawing heavily on Bollywood-style music. Pinkie and Rarity work great singing together in tandem, and put together a compelling narrative in the context of the episode. The instrumental's catchy beat works wonderfully with the vocals, and it's really cool to see even in the 6th season completely new styles of music being brought to the table.

    Number 2: Out On My Own

    I haven't always loved the CMC, and Applebloom especially has had one or two especially underwhelming episodes. However, I think this song really highlights how well Michelle Creber's Applebloom-style vocals can work incredibly well. The relatively low key instrumental works very nicely, slowly building throughout the course of the song whilst still managing to be relatively understated. The guitar helps make the track feel distinctly Applebloom, and the twangy-ness of the vocals fits in with that wonderfully.

    Number 1: Luna's Future

    So, it's probably pretty obvious by this point if it wasn't right from the start, but my favourite show song from season 6 by a mile (and probably one of my favourites from the show in general!) is, of course, Luna's Future. When I heard that Aloma Steele had done some singing for MLP, I was super excited to hear it, because I'm a big fan of her work on other projects (most notably some Monstercat tracks). Her vocals perfectly suit Luna's demeanour in the context of the episode, and the instrumental is brilliantly composed. The epic orchestral backing, swelling at just the right moments, wonderfully aids in adding the perfect atmosphere to the track. A magically memorable piece of music, this is definitely the kind of music I would love to see more of in future episodes.

    So, that's my top 5 songs from this past season, but what do you guys think? Do you agree with me at all or do you have completely different thoughts? Make sure to give it some discussion in the comments!

    Thanks for reading,