• My Little Pony: Puzzle Party Under Fire From Peak Games for Copyright Infringement

    The usual legal demons have popped their heads up again for another round of trouble. A Lawsuit has been filed against My Little Pony: Puzzle Party from Peak Games; the makers of the game "Toy Blast". Venture Beat did some investigating and found that it really does look like it copied just about everything, from the shape of the fields to the tutorials.

    Toy Blast has been out since 2015 and shot up to #1 on Google play and #3 on iTunes, so this isn't a small deal by any means. 

    You can find one of those screenshots below, or all over them over here.

    Note: I supposed we will see what happens to the game going forward. If you want to hold on to it in case there is a shut-down, you might want to turn of updates.

    Thanks to The S for sending it.