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    10 Game Companies That Should Make a Pony Game! - Blizzard

    Blizzard is up to BAT! We are at #4 in our top 10 game companies that should totally make us a pony game, and the PC gaming gods have spoken!

    To clarify a bit since a few people are confused, I'm well aware that all of these wishes are far fetched. This is more a series on how incredible it would be if any of these companies picked up the pony IP for a round or two, as opposed to any kind of reality. Could it happen? Probably not. But one can dream!

    Join me in dreaming about a Blizzard pony game below!

    Polish it up with a Blizzard!

    If you have even the slightest interest in PC gaming, you have probably run into a Blizzard game or two over the years. They were some of the biggest influences on the rise of the desktop gaming PC, with a catalogue of titles that will make just about anyone fall into a nostalgic stupor. Whether it was Diablo II farming before school, or year long journeys with friends into World of Warcraft, they are an absolute icon of all that was great about the freedom that unlocked with the rise of the internet.

    The level of quality that a Blizzard title promises is almost unprecedented in the industry. Multi-million dollar projects can and will be scrapped if it they aren't hitting a certain level of expected fun in the testing and development stages. Their mantra when asked for a release date has always been "when it's finished!", leaving little room poor quality.  While we may be sitting around twiddling our thumbs for 4 years waiting for it to be developed with little news to chew on, you can almost guarantee that the final product will be at the peak of polish, and more than worthy of our pony game starved fan base.

    They have gained a reputation for gobbling up ideas from existing genres and greatly expanding and improving upon them. World of Warcraft completely changed the MMORPG industry, taking a genre that was only for the most hardcore of gamers and opening it up to millions. Starcraft was so well designed and balanced that it became a national e-sport over in Korea during a time when the RTS genre was absolutely flooded with competition. Hearthstone has unleashed the digital card game world to 50 million players as of April. This is just how the company rolls. If you want more pony fans to play with, these are the guys to do it!

    It's not all sunshine and daises though. Blizzard has had it's ups and downs ever since their Activision acquisition. Bad DLC practices have started to creep in, and it can be argued that Hearthstone is one of the biggest free-to-play grinds on the planet without investing money into it.

    Their accessibility sometimes goes too far, detrimentally effecting the userbase of older gamers who are used to a bit more complexity and commitment from their earlier gaming lives. A lot of times, you will only find real challenge at the peak of "end game", be that online against other people, or in the most hardcore of guilds tackling a carefully scripted encounter. There is a lot to slog through to get there, and when you do, you sometimes find that a lot of the once immersive layers have been stripped away for the sake of easy access.

    Despite this effecting me personally as one of those crippling challenge obsessed gamers, I do admit that we are in the minority. Opening up such polished creations to an armada of kids looking for some pony interactive entertainment outside of their Gameloft money sinks would be an incredibly good way to show them what real games have to offer. The storytelling, character interactions, cartoony Blizzard art style. incredible FMV sequences, and general excellence that is so expected from the company is something anyone can enjoy.

    Blizzard could do a lot with the pony IP, especially with all of the power they have thanks to Battle.net. The best advertising they have is their own games plugging each other. I, for one, would welcome an announcement of a brand new Blizzard backed Equestrian adventure, even if we'd have to wait 6 years to see it finally release!

    Blizzard based Pony game ideas!

    • World of Equestria! - No longer will I have to roll a draenei to have hooves~ 
    • Ponycraft - Defend Equestria from the Changeling and Nightmare races while allying up with the griffons and dragons for maximum cool unit creation! 
    • Tirek II - Tirek has taken over Tartarus and is using it as a staging ground for an Equestrian invasion! Dive into the heart of the underworld and defeat him before he gains his full power! 

    If you have any game company ideas, want to complain about something I wrote, or just blabber about a pony game, feel free to hit the comments up! Check out the other game company choices over here.