• Pacific PonyCon Adds Tony Fleecs

    Pacific PonyCon has added FiM Conic artist Tony Fleecs to their upcoming California convention, along with a coupon code for 15% off at registration! Go get that below!

    MLP fan favorite Tony Fleecs is currently hard at work writing and drawing MY LITTLE PONY comics for IDW Publishing and the creator owned, JEFF STEINBERG: CHAMPION OF EARTH at Oni Press. He's a prolific cover artist on everything from Ponies to Turtles, Grumpy Cats to samurai, the world's cutest dog, warrior princesses, vampires, Santa Claus and almost everything in between. He lives and works in North Hollywood, CA. His mother says he is handsome.

    Hey everypony! It’s that time of year again. Its Fall y’all! We’re having a Fall sale on all of our badges. Enter this promotional code FallPPC17 and get 15% off your purchase at registration. Don’t miss your chance at a discount - sale ends September 26th at 11:45pm.

    Please visit Pacificponycon.com for more details.

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