• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 27

    Nothing like some Napoleon to represent a leader and confidence though Celestia isn't looking too happy with this whole situation I must say. Welcome again my friends to yet another day of the ATG! How are you all holding up? It's tiring, I know, but you're so very close now! How close? Well, we only have today and the two days after left when it comes to unique prompts before we start wrapping things up with one last Makeup Day and your graduation prompt. It's been an exhausting road, but there is light at the end of the tunnel.

    Our numbers are still holding strong as you guys add in another 107 ponies to our pile, bringing us up to an awesome 5144 ponies! I wonder how many images we will end up in total? I bet we can break 5500 if we really try!

    As for today's prompt? I must admit it's my favorite subject and I'm curious to see what you guys can do with it as today you'll be drawing a pony doing science/drawing a pony pushing boundaries. What amazing things will your ponies discover in the next 24 hours? Guess we'll find out tomorrow night! For now though, find our submitter here.

    Now, onwards to our gallery!

    Twitter: Calpain