• Maddie Pagel Receives Hundreds of Cards For Her Birthday!

    Late last month we reported on a little girl with a rare form of brain cancer that had just one wish for her birthday party: birthday cards from around the world. The reaction by the community, Brony and otherwise, was overwhelmingly positive as it not only brought in a ton of cards but funds for her medical treatment. In fact just a little more than a week ago Hasbro even sent her a gift package for her special day!

    Since then the local news station I originally heard Maddie's story from has ran a followup piece, showing the literally hundreds of cards and gifts she has gotten.

    To all of you who saw our story when it was originally reported and either sent something her way or just wanted to wish her well, you have my most humble thanks. You guys really do rock! Apparently too, Maddie's family will still be accepting any cards and like items sent throughout September which also happens to be Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. So if you still want to send her a late birthday card or just some well wishes, find her address below along with a link to the followup article/TV Segment!

    If more pictures of the little things she got from around the world crop up on the family's Facebook page or elsewhere we'll do a small followup ourselves to show you what she got! So stay tuned!

    Maddie Pagel
    P.O. Box 8043
    Grand Rapids, MI 49518

    Twitter: Calpain