• Girl With Brain Cancer Looking For Cards From Around The World For Her MLP Bday

    It was brought to my attention tonight by one of our submitters, Dom, of a little girl living in my State just a couple hours away who is looking to have a special birthday. Her name is Maddie and unfortunately she has a rare form of brain cancer, but that isn't stopping her from being a normal little girl.

    She is planning on having an MLP themed birthday party for her sixth birthday and as a special request she is asking for cards from around the world to help cheer her up on her special day. Our fandom has always been there for kids from Kiki to Michael Morones so lets try our very best to help make a little girl's birthday wish come true!

    If you'd like to send her a birthday card, a postcard or just a little note of encouragement you have until September 4th to get your letter in the mail.

    You can send your post to the address below and you can check out Maddie's story here. She also has a GoFundMe if you'd like to donate towards her medical bills.

    Maddie Pagel
    P.O. Box 8043
    Grand Rapids, MI 49518

    Let's do this my friends and spread just a little happiness into the world!

    Twitter: Calpain