• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 10

    I had a feeling you guys would have some great ideas for last night's prompt and I was right! We've gotten everything from pixel ponies to VR ponies and all sorts of different games with creative ideas thrown into the mix to make for one amazing gallery! I'm really proud of you guys as we enter into our first double digit day so let's keep the train rolling and tackle it head on as we celebrate the 231 gaming ponies we received today, bringing our total to 2560 ponies!

    After all these prompts I bet our ponies are getting a bit tired so we have a relaxing prompt for you all tonight as we take a stab at drawing a pony sleeping/drawing a pony's dream. As usual you can find our submitter here

    We are also getting close to our first Makeup Day so if there is a prompt you wish you could have done but couldn't or if you had a favorite prompt you want to try again that day would be your chance.

    Now, onto our gallery! Check it out after the break!

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