• "The Fault in Our Cutie Marks": Episode Followup

    They say you're still new to the whole Blog Pony thing until you've given up on journalism, sworn your allegiance to bat ponies, given up hopes of receiving a paycheck, and done your first Episode Followup. Most of those are out of the way, so now it's time for my first Followup. Please be gentle...

    Head down below for a story about a griffon named Gabriella, not Gabriel Brown.

    Pssst! Seth! Where's my paycheck?

    So it's funny that I chose this episode to do the Followup on. If you're wondering how and why which Blog Ponies do which Followup, it's all to do with best ponies, judging episodes by their titles, pulling rank, and hoping someone trips and falls on their internet over the weekend. I was pretty quick to stake a claim and I was raring to go to do my first ever Episode Follow up with episode 9. Too bad episode 9, "The Fault in Our Cutie Marks", was delayed so long that it was even removed from Shoutcast DVD it was supposed to be on. It was delayed though so we could have some CMC in the later half of the season. But good things come to those who wait and this one was definitely worth waiting for.

    Let's begin...

    We'll see this house later in the Gameloft game. It may or not cost 400 gems.

    Looks like Scootaloo learned a few things from Snails when it comes to Buckball but apparently she needs some more practice. Also, I hope those ponies don't have a cat...

    "Look Scootaloo, this is where I hide my bodies..."

    This is clearly the first child. The first one always does the weird unexplainable stuff. It'll only get easier more predictable with the next kid. Also, I'm pretty sure parents never call in an expert to talk about their child while sending said child off to another room to play. That is cliche' and nev...I...wait...um...that explains...I need to call my mother.

    Okay, so these are some adventurous ponies right here. A stallion with a pair of foils for a cutie mark falling in love with a pearl diver/rare jewelry dealer is the stuff of a good story. Either that or that's the pony version of Don Diego de la Vega, the old Zorro from The Mask of Zorro, and that's his wife Esperanza. Regardless, she really likes pearls and they both seem to know good fashion, especially their taste in pants. These guys need names though as the credits just call them Father Pony and Mother Pony; voiced by David Stuart and Kelli Ogmundson respectively.

    Anyway, what could this disturbing cutie mark possible be? A trashcan? A selfie? A Panda Express logo?

    Oh! She's a Shadowbolt. I get it now. The parents were hoping to leave behind their life of danger, adventure, and actions of questionable legality. They don't want their daughter reliving their lives on the wrong side of the Everfree.

    Well, now what are your parents suppose to do? You discovered their buried bodies from their time as international art thieves. I saw some comments saying this confirms ponies evolved from horses or something like that but those are horns, something that no equine has had during its pre-historic evolutions. It's a Spiny-Backed Ponysaurus, clearly its own genus. Regardless of the evolutionary questions we really shouldn't be asking ourselves, let alone someone in the field, two things are undeniable: Petunia Paleo, also voiced by Kelli, is super adorable, and that hole she dug in 45 secs is bigger than the sandbox she started with.

    Yeah, it only makes sense that their daughter would be a pirate since they were pirates themselves. I can see their logic. He's from Somalia and she was up the coast in the United Arab Emirates' pearling region. I want to believe that he is the kind of dad that would give a real sword to his daughter and judging by his expressions earlier and the detail in that outfit, he actually isn't that opposed to his daughter following in his father's footsteps.

    More amazing faces as the undead rises from its grave.

    [Insert show intro here]

    I'm liking it so far Haber! Can't wait to see what you do for the finale. Also, Scootaloo uses the word "intervention" and while I know darn well the definition I can't help but wonder if they need to sit ponies down and talk about how just because your flank has a 7 leafed plant on it, doesn't mean your suppose to be growing cannabis and other such cutie confusions.

    This is Bluenote. Whose OC is this? This pony's cutie mark is wild. The symbols are a flat key designator and a whole note. When I ask character designer Charmaine Verhagen if she created this pony the answer was "Hell ya I did." Clearly this is someone we need at more conventions. Also, this is when I guessed this entire episode would be filled with butt staring.

    As the fillies go through the town, they run into all the ponies they have helped and it's great seeing cont...

    Borg runs to lock the door to keep Silver Quill out

    ...continuity in the show. Here, Bulk Biceps is teaching colts how to lift. Are those Sweet Apple Aces apples? Judging from the equipment, I'd guess chain gyms ain't a thing in Equestria.

    We even have colt Scootaloo Tender Taps, back for an appearance showing off his skills. Wait. Are the CMC not good enough friends to go to his show? Cold blooded.

    Some background fun here. The resurgence of CaraMac and clearly mother/daughter Derpy and Dinky out and about town. Also, we have Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon talking to none other than Pipsqueak. This continues the episode's references to the CMC's new mission in life as they toot their own horns as having a "pretty good effect on everypony".

    Protip: If you're going to start talking about that thing you don't to happen, knock on wood first. Also, try and talk about a herbivore, not the predator of the sky that is a griffon. Speaking of... 

    ...cutest lion butt I've ever seen! They went way out of their way to design a griffon unlike any we've seen. She's got a bit more pigeon like cuteness to her face than a killer eagle, 3 eye reflections like the foals, and wider eyes.

    Heh. The faces continue. Anyway, we start to see that this episode is not a lesson in stranger danger. Not sure if I want my foal hanging out with some griffon from out of town. Also, evolutionarily created camo was definitely not in their species. That's probably why the Spiny-Backed Ponysaurus died off. They should have just taken the bushes with them in classic cartoon fashion.

    That's right. She's a stone cold killer super ADHD and super excited to be there to meet the legendary Cutie Mark Crusaders.

    Those faces! Throughout the episode, this death grip of so-called "friendship" returns and is clearly meant to squeeze the life out of the trio of fillies.

    So at some point, she spits out that her name is Gabriella like an AR-15 congress-labelled "assault rifle", and that hey, these fillies are her friends now and can call her Gabby. Remember her full name for later.

    She said she was "The most excited that any griffon has ever been about anything." I'm not entirely sure about that. We did see Gustave completely lose his self-control on a train once. Speaking of Gustave, Gabby pretty much confirms that every griffon's name starts with 'G', at least in the show.

    Flank staring intensifies. I had a buddy who stumbled into a tattoo parlor and did that same motion. Gabby's story ended better...

    Those sweet, innocent we-are-so-screwed faces. Gabby is pretty clear she wants a cutie mark, and that is the most unlikely thing these fillies will be able to pull off. Rather than decide what to do , they do the smart things and gather more information. These little fillies are growing up.

    Not sure what concoction she is drinking but it's definitely-not-chocolate-milk brown. Also, that crate back there is where Sweetie Belle keeps her fanfiction. Now we begin Gabby's flashback...

    Griffonstone is full of jerk faces. It must be tough meeting someone.

    Totes adorbs, Gabby is giving Derpy a run for her money as best mail mare flyer.

    The kid can't catch a break. Everygriffon is mean. But it's probably her own grandmother. Mine would do that to me if she thought I didn't think she could cross a street.

    Sure seeing new the friendship and the helping is great but really she's just hungry.

    So this quick little shot tells us a few things: this is Gilda's go to spot for selling, mail is addressed to ponies using their cutie marks, and Gabby is the same size as Gilda who is a full grown griffon. This points to her being an adult, but still a dreamer. I suppose Griffonstone, mail delivery is for the young and fast.

    I get running into every pony the CMC has helped but why is Bluenote there...in the middle of Sweet Apple Acres...in the bushes outside the CMC's clubhouse. I'm just saying if I did that I would be picked up by the cops pretty quick. Also, lots more staring and pointing at flanks.

    I really like that Crusaders have learned to ask an older pony for help rather than just run off half cocked, who reminded them magic isn't the answer. I'm a little surprised that Twilight isn't more excited by the prospect of the friendliest griffon ever, especially since she missed out on the chance to go to Griffonstone. I know what she should do, she should have the CMC talk to another non-pony about what it's like to live without a cutie mark. Not sure where they can find a such a creature... *cough Spike cough*

    I want to believe that the Ponyville Homeowners Association sends Twilight a fine each month because her home doesn't match the historical aesthetic of the rest of the town.

    This scene was a big moment for Scootaloo. She really connected with Gabby and felt what she was going through and promised to help as best she could. Scootabuse aside, Scoots might be best Crusader. Right in the character development feels.

    I like the sort of marching songs that the CMC get. This one being about finding Gabby's purpose in life. Also, I didn't expect to see another chart again either. Those were the good old days, back when it was not only a list of stuff to do but a path of terror and chaos they left through Ponyville.

    Song montage time! Still waiting for that full Zecora episode but this is a nice teaser. Also, that is one enormous Jello shot.

    Dang! This is kind of friend I need to have. I bet BagOfVicodin is the kind of friend who would scrub my floors. Later Rarity told Spike she didn't need his help 'cause Gabby is best Roomba.

    How does a society whose library is a crumbled pile of bricks and books teach young griffons pre-calculus? Also, isn't that more of a Trig. problem?

    Where did they travel to that has a beach?

    Wifey Cynder is convinced that is a Rum based cocktail right there. The real question is if Gabby was the one who made it. 

    These boxes are filled with apples and cupcakes for teaching his lifting classes.

    Look at all the sports fans in Ponyville. Lyra, Cloudkicker, Buttons, and even Derpy. Why is Bon Bon not sitting next to Lyra though?

    Okay, this one is kinda shady. That degree on the wall back there does not say, "Gabriella". I'm rather sure she is not qualified to be an orthodontist. It's about time he got some dental work done though.

    Big, feathery, amazing, griffon wing hugs anypony? Nah, you don't want any of those, do you? Also, I don't ship it.

    Does it matter if she's a Mary Sue if she's that cute? Perhaps that's the source of her power. That explains so many things about my wife...

    Okay so now the CMC have realized they have a problem. She's too good at everything. Imagine if all griffons had these abilities but weren't such massive jerks. Extra sure they would ruin the economy. I mean, she said she built a boat. A freaking boat! Built it!?

    Song's over and so is the fun. I'm not sure who I feel worse for; Gabby or the CMC. Maybe Scoots because she almost needs the impossible to happen just to give her hope for her own struggle. Then again if I was like Gabby, and busted my flank all week (no way this happened in an afternoon ya'll) I'd be pretty sore too. Oh, the feels.

    Check these dubs flank marks! It's interesting she went with the cauldron. It was a pretty suspicious choice. The CMC were really excited that they succeeded though! Gabby has Applejack skill levels of lying.

    This face.

    This was a great moment for Twi fans. We got to see the adorkableness in full force as she races to study something. Some good early season memories.

    I think getting covered in mud is symbolism for something. Kind of like being caught in a lie or something.

    Ah, got it! She got a cutie mark in being a witch and now she's melting. I guess that makes Apple Bloom Dorthy, Sweetie Belle the lion, and Scootaloo as Toto.

    Just loving the faces this episode. That horseapple eating grin that Sweetie Belle has got. This maybe a Cutie Mark Crusaders episode but really Scootaloo is taking the lead, first by giving Gabby a shot and then by coming up with the solution. Now I'm getting sentimental. Let's wrap up this moral lesson.

    Wow, they made those in the course of a griffon's shower time? I guess feathers are really hard to clean. And what do you give the griffon that is good at everything? A trophy of course. Remember her full name is Gabriella? Beyond a Biblical context, it means someone who is helpful.

    "The very first griffon member of the cutie mark crusaders! Woohoo!"

    Who paid for all that? Custom banners, balloons, and such. I bet in pony society there are grants for cuteceaneras. That must be it. In the end, even Sweetie Belle acknowledges that Scootaloo is the hero of the day for rally helping Gabby.

    Without a doubt, I enjoyed the crap out of this episode. I'm sorry of my first Followup was a little rough. What did you all think of the episode?