• Guardians of Harmony Digital Comic Launches December 1st!

    Look at that cover! It's beautiful! It's magnificent! It's… Wow, MLP villains really do come in one color.

    Kotaku revealed this morning that the long awaited Guardians of Harmony Comic Book is releasing on Digital Platforms December 1st, 2016. A Physical Release in Comic Shops is scheduled for February of 2017.

    But that's not that they've revealed! We have the full first chapter that will be included in the Guardians of the Harmony Book! With an eight page story featuring Rainbow Dash vs. Shadowbolts by Jeremy Whitley, Art by Andy Price, and beautifully colored by Heather Breckel!

    You'll be able to find it below the break!

    Special thanks to Chevistain1 for the heads up!