• Newbie Artist Training Grounds VI: Day 3

    Another day means even more pony images! That's right, you guys have gone another marvelous job as we enter the third day, bringing us 341 ponies to share in our gallery tonight. After some confusion with the submitter you guys are totally rocking it and I hope you haven't been discouraged yet! Things are about to get a little harder but I know you all can do it in the end!

    Moving on to tonight's prompt we start to test your abilities with more advanced instructions. Tonight we want you guys to draw a pony training / draw a pony preparing. Now that your ponies can move around a bit it's time for them to get ready to face the crazy challenges ahead. Think they are up to the task?

    As usual you can find our submitter here while you can find today's gallery after the break. Good luck you guys, I believe in you!

    Tutorial on first day on how to upload
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