• Random Merch: German Card Game, Snowglobes, and More!

     A new German card game has appeared for ponies, complete with stats and loads of characters. More images of this one can be found down below the break for anyone that wants to hunt it down and try it out! Thanks to Lennard for that one.

    And get tons of random merch below!

    Toys R' Us Exclusive Element of Friendship Line

    Found by: Unicornmon
    Found at: Toys R' Us

    Equestria Girls and Explore Equestria Official Posters

    Found by: Tori
    Found at: SDCC (and ebay)

    Pony Bike

    Found by: Toys R' Us
    Found at: Perfectly Imperfect

    My Lovely Horse Knockoff Blind Bags

    Found by: Sophie
    Found at: Arcades

    Celestia and GeneraliPhone 6 Case

    Found by: Alex
    Found at: Target

    More Cards from the Game in the Header!

    Found by: Lennard
    Found at: Germany

    Stamp Art Set

    Found by: Alex
    Found at: Toys R' Us

    Sticker Book

    Found by: Gem
    Found at: Zulily

    Glitter Globe Maker Kit

    Found by: Alex
    Found at: Toys R' Us