• Jenn Blake Heading to Ponyville Ciderfest

    Another big guest announcement for Ponyville Ciderfest! Jenn Blake will be heading on over to show off her MLP comic skills. Get the press release down below!

    In a move that will shock absolutely no one, Ciderfest is excited to announce that Jenn Blake will be returning this year!

    We are also equally honored and sad to announce however that she has chosen Ponyville Ciderfest 2016 to be her last appearance as a Guest of Honor at a My Little Pony convention for the foreseeable future.

    Character art by Britt Fields and Tambelon
    Background art by Kelsey Carlson

    Jenn Blake only joined the MLP convention scene a few short years ago, but quickly gained a dedicated following. Attendees quickly turned to fans not only due to the work she has done for IDW and the exclusive prints and other work she has done for the many conventions she has attended, but also due to her outrageous personality and dedication to her followers. Little did she know that her biggest opportunity was just around the corner.
    It wasn’t long before her reputation put her in contact with Jeremy Whitley from Princeless fame, and their upcoming mature comic Dressed to Kill has become Jenn’s new passion. While we may not have seen the end of pony art by Jenn, she has decided to fully commit to Dressed to Kill. Aside from the Seabronies Expedition 2 meetup cruise in January, Ponyville Ciderfest 2016 will be the last MLP convention she appears at as a Guest of Honor, or possibly at all.
    Never fear though, in typical Jenn Blake fashion we are sparing no effort in making sure her last MLP convention is as memorable as it can be! In addition to a spooktacular convention exclusive print and a drawing class for kids, we are also planning some once-in-a-lifetime events to commemorate the occasion. Register today to hang out with Jenn Blake and the rest of our Guests of Honor!
    p.s. Please do not bring Jenn bottles of Fireball. Enough people will miss or ignore this message and bring her Fireball anyways. There will be more than enough and we want her to actually live to see Seabronies 2.
    Born and raised in California, Jenn Blake studied to become a successful fashion designer. She gained 12 years experience in the profession, but wished to extend her knowledge of art and take it in a new direction. Jenn started work on comic/graphic novel characters and decided to combine that genre of work with a new love of hers; “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”. Shortly after she began her work with ponies, Jenn was approached by IDW Limited. The company’s special release of “The Return of Queen Chrysalis” was in the works and they were seeking special artists to create original, hand drawn sketch cards to be released with the books. Jenn was one of only several artists chosen for the task.
    This special project rocketed Jenn’s career in the world of art and ponies forward including “My Little Pony: Friends Forever #16” and a special subscription cover for Four Color Grails on My Little Pony Friendship is Magic #30. Jenn will also be a contributing artist to Jeremy Whitley’s Princeless Anthology, as well as the co creator with Jeremy Whitley on an upcoming new comic series Dressed to Kill, which will be a mature readers comic that has been described as a female led Die Hard. Jenn’s career is changing and growing and who knows where she will go next! When not working on comics she is being contracted (against her will) to stop villains as a member of Task Force X aka Suicide Squad.
    Jenn Blake is survived by her cats Ash and Tigger,,,who most likely ate her body so yay no funeral costs.