• Upcoming Official Doll Lineup Revealed by Integrity Toys

    Upcoming Official Doll Lineup Revealed by Integrity Toys

    A few months ago, we posted up a blurb about an upcoming lineup of dolls from a company called Integrity Toys. Today, they sent out a press release detailing them. Each of the mane 6 is included, or at least dolls wearing clothing and accessories of the mane 6.

    Pre-orders will be opening soon over here if you want them. Get more pictures and the presser below.

    Images over here!

    Integrity Toys Releases Photos of its First Six Fan-Inspired MY LITTLE PONY Brand Enthusiast Fashion Figures

    Integrity Toys, Inc., under license from Hasbro, Inc., has officially released its first six “<3 a="" and="" announced="" br="" brand.="" by="" collectible="" collection="" fans="" fashion="" figures="" heart="" high-end="" honor="" inspired="" is="" last="" late="" little="" m-l-p="" made="" mlp="" my="" nbsp="" of="" pony="" pronounced="" series="" that="" the="" this="" to="" was="" year.="">
    This special-edition collection includes six fashion dolls and figures inspired by MY LITTLE PONY brand enthusiasts and fans of all ages. Each fan figure keeps the theme of their favorite MY LITTLE PONY character, wearing clothing and accessories inspired by that pony, complete with a “cutie mark” on their respective figures.

    The six figures include:

    • sonic_rainboom_92, a fan of RAINBOW DASH;
    • sparkling_stargazer, a fan of TWILIGHT SPARKLE;
    • rare_form_21, a fan of RARITY;
    • appleofmyeye, a fan of APPLEJACK;
    • kind_pegasus95, a fan of FLUTTERSHY; and
    • okie_dokie_party, a fan of PINKIE PIE.

    “With beloved characters and messages of friendship, the MY LITTLE PONY brand has captivated fans of all ages through unique and engaging stories” said Alain Tremblay, marketing director of Integrity Toys, Inc. “We are so excited to showcase and honor their fandom through this unique and trendy series of collectible 12-inch figures”. Vaughn Sawyers, head designer for Integrity Toys added, “As MY LITTLE PONY fans are as firmly entrenched themselves in popular culture as the brand itself, and with fans on our own design team, we felt that now was the perfect time for a collection like this. Our lead designer for this collaboration, Jessy Ayala, is a MY LITTLE PONY fan himself, as are many members of our team, so we believe that brings additional authenticity to the project.”

    The <3 12="" 1:6="" 500="" approximately="" are="" br="" done="" editions="" figures="" in="" inches="" limited="" mlp="" of="" per="" pieces="" scale="" style.="" tall="">
    This is not the first time Integrity Toys has teamed up with Hasbro, Inc. Integrity also has been producing JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS collectible dolls under license from Hasbro, Inc. for the past few years.

    Pictures and full information on the line, including first-come, first-served pre-order dates and pertinent purchase information can be found at www.integritytoys.com/mlp.

    MY LITTLE PONY and all related characters are trademarks of Hasbro and are used with permission. © 2016 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved. Licensed by Hasbro.

    Thanks to ARNie!, Firestorm "Danger" Dash, and everyone else for the heads up!