• Best of Brony Archives - Now Taking PMVs

    For those that haven't been following it, we now have two new archives to help corral up the best pony stuff of the last few years in the following categories:

    Source Film Maker Videos (SFM) 

    Between the two, new people and bored people looking for some nostalgia should have hours of stuff to entertain! Time to move on to what I'm assuming will be the largest of these, the Pony Music Video.

    We've had thousands of these over the last few years, so we are going to limit it pretty heavily to start then slowly fill others in. We need your absolute best picks for this category.

    Hit up [email protected], and give links! Title the email with BEST OF PMV.

    Chances are this one will take a lot longer to build, so we will have plenty of submission time. Get on it fandom! We need your help!

    (Note: for those wondering, this is where we will put Anthology. It's kind of a mix of everything, but it does seem to lean more toward PMV)