• Tara Strong Recording for Either Season 7 Or The MLP Movie Now - Possible Updated Twilight Model?

    Tara Strong tweeted this one out the other day. Considering season 6 voicework was completed a while ago, It's looking like either season 7 or the movie are currently on the recording stage. Her tweet message:

    I know this is a tricky one but TRY to guess what I’m working on

    On a side note, if that is the giant cutout of Twilight Sparkle isn't a vector we have seen before as far as I know. It could be an updated one for the movie, which is using Toon Boom instead of Flash. We don't have any official source pointing in that direction though. Maybe one of you can let us know if you have ever seen this Twilight in fan art?

    Thanks to @sharpshadowXII for the heads up!