• Zap2It Also Lists August 6th As Hiatus End

    Earlier today two episodes were posted to Google along with the supposed end of the hiatus as August 6th. Considering the two episodes posted had the same start date it was a tad suspicious, but now it appears that Zap2It is jumping on board by saying that episode 14 will be airing on, you guessed it, August 6th.

    With two sources now citing the August 6th start date it's looking more and more likely that new pony episodes will start airing on that date.

    Thanks to Andrew for sending it in!


    Important Note:
    Since a few people are wondering why the episode numbers are weird and there is a gap where ep 12 is supposed to be: The original episode 9 (Fault In Our Cutie Marks) was moved to later in the season. This caused the episode numbers after that to shift down by one (Saddle Row Review moved from 10 to 9, Applejacks Day Off moved from 11 to 10 etc.).
    Zap2It just forgot to change the numbers for episode 12 and onward.
    The original order was:
    8. Hearth's Warming Tail
    9. The Fault In Our Cutie Marks
    10. Saddle Row Review
    11. Applejack's Day Off
    12. Flutter Brutter
    13. Spice Up Your Life
    14. Stranger Than Fan Fiction
    15. The Cart Before The Ponies
    The changed airing order is:
    8. Hearth's Warming Tail
    9. Saddle Row Review
    10. Applejack's Day Off
    11. Flutter Brutter
    12. Spice Up Your Life
    13. Stranger Than Fan Fiction
    14. The Cart Before The Ponies
    ??. The Fault In Our Cutie Marks (exact number not known yet)
    This is why you sometimes see Stranger Than Fan Fiction referred to as episode 14 instead of 13.
    It's a bit confusing and we will probably make a blog post about it once more episodes of the season are revealed.

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