• Dragonlord Ember Civilization 5 Race Mod

    As with just about every character from Pony, Dragonlord Ember now has her very own race on Civilization 5. The race has the following specific bonuses:

    Unique Ability: Dragonfire -- Razes Cities three times as fast and Units may cross mountains after the first Great General is earned.

    Unique Unit: Slingtail -- A powerful living catapult that has the Indirect Fire promotion allowing accurate shots without Line Of Sight.

    Unique Building: Treasure Hoard -- An improved bank that adds +4 Gold, +25% Gold Yield, 2 additional Merchant Specialists, and +15 combat experience... King of the Hoard! 

    Sounds like a good one for DOMINATION. I really shouldn't download this. I can't afford to lose 8 hours randomly.

    Go download it over here.