• Trademark News: Guardians of Harmony Spin Off?

    Seems that whenever we get pony news it comes in a huge wave. Besides all the episode announcements there was a little bit of information that a fan dug up today while looking through Hasbro trademarks. While Guardians of Harmony has been trademarked for use as "Toy ponies and accessories for use therewith" earlier this year, this new trademark is specifically for "Entertainment services, namely, an on-going animated television series for children"

    Could be Hasbro just covering all its trademark bases, but as our submitter pointed out Equestria Girls eventually got the same trademark and was turned into an animated series.

    We've had our share of speculations of spin offs and such over the years so it's all rather nebulous right now, but what do you guys think if they did go ahead with a Guardians of Harmony series? What do you think it would be about?

    Thanks to Ilcane for the news!

    Source 2 (Using the same trademark finder as the old trademark)

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