• Rainbow Dash Wig in Ghostbusters Trailer?

    While watching the new Ghostbusters trailer today I noticed something that at least some of you noticed as well according to the emails in our inbox. During the trailer at one point a certain rainbow colored wig in same sort of style we see for Rainbow Dash cosplay popped up at one point.

    Now just because a rainbow colored wig shows up in a movie doesn't mean it's necessarily pony but considering the cast is made up of scientists and has that nerdy vibe to it I wouldn't put it past the production crew to add it in as a little nod to FiM.

    Anyhow, judge for yourself by checking out the screenshot after the break! You can find the scene in question around the 1:40 mark in the trailer.

    Thanks to TJ for sending it in to us!

    Twitter: Calpain