• PONIES The Anthology and Doors Hit With Copyright Claims

    It's been a bad time over on Youtube with copyright claims recently, not just in the pony world it seems. Unfortunately in the recent spat of take downs two big pony videos have been hit by copyright claims: The SFM video Doors and the original PONIES The Anthology.

    It's not Hasbro's doing this time though as Warner Music Group was responsible for the Doors take down while PONIES The Anthology was taken down by the Universal Music Group.

    Hopefully both videos can make a come back, but in the meantime they are both safely hosted on other video sites thankfully.

    Check on after the break for the new embeds and thanks to everyone who sent in news about these two vids!

    [SFM Ponies] Doors - A Collaborative Effort... by Ferexes

    PONIES The Anthology from ponyaddicted on Vimeo.

    Twitter: Calpain