• Writer's Training Grounds: "The Cutie Re-Mark Submissions"

    The finale brought on a swarm of people for the end of the Writing Training Grounds. I guess having multiple worlds really helped get those creative juices flowing?

    Thanks to everyone that submitted for it! I know the posts were a little random. If we do it again next season, we can work out the bugs. 

    Below the break, get 17 fanfics from practicing writers starring all things season finale!

    The Writer's Training Grounds is a weekly writing exercise in which authors of all skill levels are invited to craft a story based on the prompts provided above. Responses to these prompts are posted directly on Equestria Daily in a weekly compilation post that bypasses the pre-reading process. Authors are then highly encouraged to read comment on, and promote each others' stories -- if you've ever prepared a copy-paste comment for an episode followup, consider doing the same for a fellow WTG participant!

    If you have any questions, concerns, or prompt ideas for next week's WTG, feel free to send them to pegasusrescuebrigade@equestriadaily.com with the subject line "WTG Prompt Idea" or something similar.

    Normal/Slice of Life

    Drama - 6989 words

    Author: The Hat Man

    So many realities. So many horrible futures. But in yet another alternate timeline, Twilight finds herself in the Golden Oak Library with the Princess of Friendship: Sunset Shimmer. Rather than the awful futures she's seen before, she now finds herself in a timeline that actually seems nice. But that means she has a tough decision to make...

    The Reality I Choose

    Characters: Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Sunset Shimmer


    [Adventure] - 3300 words

    Author: Yukito

    In the changeling future, Trixie Lulamoon is on a mission to find a magical object in Canterlot, said to have enough power to turn the tide of war.

    A Mare on a Mission

    Characters: Trixie Lulamoon, Cadance, OC

    [Adventure][Dark] - 5464 words

    Author: Keeper of time RD

    Of the many timelines Starlight Glimmer created, even if they only existed for a moment, many stories could be told. This is one of them.

    A day in the life of a wartime explosives expert

    Characters: OC, Rainbow Dash, Spitfire

    [Adventure] - 7019 words

    Author: Zeck

    In the timeline where the Changelings have taken over Equestria, Trixie has managed to find a shadow of her former life as an entertainer in Zecora's camp. She doesn't preform for giant crowds anymore, and while she misses the grandeur, she's managed to live a happy life entertaining the children of the camp with her stories and small tricks. But all that comes crashing down when Queen Chrysalis and her Changelings attack. Now, Trixie must use every trick she has left to save her small fan club, and especially Ruby. Because Trixie made a promise to Berry Punch, and she won't allow herself to break that promise.

    The Great and Powerful Trixie's Greatest Show

    Characters: The Great and Powerful Trixie, Ruby "Pinchy" Pinch

    [Adventure][Sci-Fi] - 6600 words

    Author: ScifiPony

    Starlight Glimmer destroys Equestria when she learns how and why she actually lost her soulmate, Starburst. Trying to fix her mistake, she learns time travel done right can lead to a revelation of the heart—and maybe even to the renovation of harmony itself.

    Lessons Learned

    Characters: Starlight Glimmer, Twilight Sparkle, Foal Starlight Glimmer

    [Adventure] - 6999 words

    Author: Bladetrail

    In a world without the Elements of Harmony, Princess Celestia must face the threat of Nightmare Moon herself. Set in the same timeline as the war with Sombra.

    The Sun Will Rise Again

    Characters: Princess Celestia, Nightmare Moon


    [Dark] - 7000 words

    Author: NorrisThePony

    Of all the terrible forces Celestia could have fallen to, Flim Flam Industry was the last one she had expected.

    Synthetic, Bottled Sunlight

    Characters: Celestia

    [Dark][Sad] - 3000 words

    Author: DEI Caboose

    "At the end of the game, the King and the Pawn go back into the same box." In the land of Equestria, there is no difference, no heartache, no progress, no purpose. There is just life, and whatever comes after. Everypony is equal. Starlight Glimmer won, but she may have also lost. She built the box, but the game is about to end.

    The Same Box

    Characters: Starlight Glimmer, Princess Celestia

    [Dark] - 2476 words

    Author: Mand'alor Dash

    As the war approaches Sombra's doorstep, the Equestrian Army hunkers down and lays siege to the Crystal Empire. They're in for a long winter.

    A Snowball's Chance

    Characters: OC, Apple Fritter

    [Dark][Normal] - 3953 words

    Author: A Prick with a Keyboard

    Due to the bumbling actions of Starlight Glimmer on time, paralell timelines were made. One in eternal night, one at war, one that's dead- and this one. One where Chrysalis and her Changeling horde rules Equestria. As one could imagine, this has had an effect on Fancy Pants daily routine of managung Canterlot.

    A Morning for Fancy Pants

    Characters: Fancy Pants, Prince Blueblood, Queen Chrysalis


    [Shipping][Sad] - 2300 words

    Author: AJ Vasquez

    After a week of depression, Starlight reunites with her old friend Sunburst, but will things ever be the same?


    Characters: Starlight , Sunburst, Twilght


    [Sad] - 5000 words

    Author: Tennis Match Fan

    Set in the Chrysaverse AU. Berry Punch sleeps in one day, and ex-spy Bon Bon is less than pleased.

    Just a Regular Day for the Bug Resistance

    Characters: Berry Punch

    [Sad][Dark] - 2398 words

    Author: Deathscar

    War is brutal. It asks you questions with no right answers. It leaves scars on your body and mind. War is a game in which you will always lose. And Rainbow Dash might've just lost everything.

    On The Wing of Friendship

    Characters: Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Princess Celestia

    [Sad][Normal] - 2122 words

    Author: Moondog58

    Front Strike is in a pickle. With one day left before he's fired from the paper he works for, and with five dead-end stories and no way to get to the front lines, can he find one in some half dead town in the backwoods?

    Front Page News

    Characters: OC, Applejack

    [Sad] - 1099 words

    Author: Metallic-Roselle

    Twilight Sparkle summons her old friend Moon Dancer to help Starlight Glimmer learn about true friendship and reconciliation.

    Parallel Friends

    Characters: Starlight Glimmer, Moon Dancer, Spike


    [Crossover] - 1614 words

    Author: KingMoriarty

    Trapped in the Crystal War timeline, Doctor Whooves decides that, this time, he's going to fight in the war.

    No More Running

    Characters: Doctor Whooves

    [Crossover] - 6331 words

    Author: heavyhauler75622

    Starlight Glimmer gave up her march for equality. She now has six new friends, and a new future. A town of ponies she treated terribly have forgiven her. And all those new ponies in Ponyville she can be friends with. But can that bright future accomodate her past?

    A Glimmer of Darkness, A Glimmer of Hope

    Characters: Starlight Glimmer, Celestia, Luna