• Random Merch: Crusaders of the Lost Mark book, Snow Boots, Bluetooth Speaker, and More!

    Crusaders of the Lost Mark Book

    A Cutie Mark Crusaders book with a February 9th release date has popped up on Amazon. It's only 24 pages, and looks to be based on the actual episode. Get it over on Amazon if you want it.

    Thanks to Purpurae for that one, and get more random pony merchandise below the break!

    Rainbow Dash Snow Shoes

    Found at: Newbury Comic Store
    Found by: Swift Blaze


    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Framwinkle

    Bluetooth Speaker

    Found at: They didn't say! Doh
    Found by: Angela

    Cutie Mark Magic Holiday Fun Frame Pack

    Kids did that for entertainment before tablets.

    Found at: Dollar Tree
    Found by: PinkPearlApple

    Walmart Pony Blanket Kits

    Found at: Walmart
    Found by: Jeffrey

    Cutie Power Fleece Fabric

    Found at: Target
    Found by: Jason

    Coin Machine Things

    Found at: Toy Store in England
    Found by: Shukie Bunfox

    2016 Valentines Cards

    Found at: Peurto Rico Kmart
    Found by: Victorsaurus

    Lipbalm Set

    Found at: Drugstore in Vienna
    Found by: Smilley

    Pony Sports Balls

    Found at: Ross
    Found by: Moonlit Cresent