• A Merry Christmas From BUCK - Events, Poster, and More!

    We've got a small update post from BUCK for you guys over the pond this morning! Besides wishing you all a Merry Christmas they've got some information for you guys on how to score a special SSC poster (WIP preview seen above), convention events, and more after the break!

    Tis the season to be jolly, tralalalala lalalala. The stuff we've planned: we're off our trolley! Yes, we're here to expend our annual quota of mandatory merriment!

    Since it's also the season for giving, now is the time to give the gift of BUCK ‘16. A ticket to best horse con makes a spectacular present as the anticipation only gets better as we near April. We've even got special Christmassy tickets.

    Buy a ticket before January 1, 2016 and we'll throw in our own Christmas present: our 2016 SSC poster (RRP £10) entirely FREE, which you can collect at the convention on the day. This preview is still a WIP, we've got more names to add, but we're not quite ready to share them!

    In case you haven't seen all of our updates, BUCK is BACK for April 2016 with our best party ever. We've got a weekend of workshops, panels, fun and games lined up that span every interest you could want, from art to cupcake decorating, collectible card games to the ever-popular retro video game tournament.
    We've got the legendary Summer Sun Celebration on Saturday night, featuring five hours of music including Rock, Metal, K-Pop and EDM - plus we'll be keeping our games rooms open throughout the evening so you can crash out on the consoles during your breaks.

    On top of all of that, we also see the return of our Charity Auction (here's to breaking another academy record, we raised £12,500 last year); and an all new Cosplay Competition, featuring proper categories!
    Over Christmas we'll be planning all this and more, so stay tuned for announcements on the panels and workshops, the community guests that will be hosting them, and more VIPs to show you their craft.
    As always, you can keep up to date with BUCK via our websitefacebooktwitter, and even sometimes our tumblr!
    BUCK Towers, out!