• 100 Word Flash Fic Event: Remember That One Time When...

    Remember that one time when Rainbow Dash wanted to be festive for a Hearths Warming Eve party, without realizing that socks were in this year, and Rarity invited all the major fashion ponies who wouldn't leave her alone about how trendy and amazing she looked? Remember when she bucked Photo Finishes' 30,000 bit camera in frustration and ended up having to model for free to pay for it? Good times. It got even better when she ended up as a disgruntled superstar with millions in advertising deals for every major Equestrian brand out there, and a full 6 page dedication in Sporty Mare Illustrated. I hear Fluttershy still keeps that ridiculously well selling 2015 "Themes of Dashy~" calendar up to celebrate the occasion. 


    Pick a pony image, any pony image. Grab a link, put it in your comment, and write a "Remember that one time when..." about it. It doesn't need to be Rainbow Dash. It doesn't need to be written well.

    Aim for 100 words! (The text above is 123 if you need an example)

    Now go! The comments are YOURS!