• Equestria Girls Mini Figures "Officially" Releasing On January 1st

    Equestria Girls Mini Releasing January 1st

    While we've already seen Equestria Girls Mini appear at Smyths in the UK, their official release was somewhat of a mystery until now. According to The Examiner, January 1st marks the big day when these start flooding into stores.

    We have some exact details too:

    • Dolls will be 5" tall
    • 25 characters will be available, including the mane 6
    • Specific figures will retail for $7

    I know a lot of you greatly prefer these designs over the usual dolls. I wonder how well they will do?

    And in case you missed the news earlier in the week, these are actually marking the start of a mini series. Check out the reveal of that here

    Thanks to Pinka for sending it!