• Audio Books: The Boy Who Cried Wolf / Yours Truly / Plural Possessive

    Continuing with our audio book section for those of you interested in entertaining your ears for a bit, we have three more 30+ minute long readings for you all to dive into. Something for everyone this time around. Get them below!

    1.) The Boy Who Cried Wolf [Dark]
    2.) Yours Truly [Shipping][Bittersweet]
    3.) Plural Possessive [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Story: The Boy Who Cried Wolf

    [Dark] "A dark and compelling re-imagining of the classic tale that doesn't need to stoop to violence or gore to get its message across. Indeed, words have power!" - Pre-reader TheSlorg

    Author: Scott 'Inquisitor' Mence
    Description: Words can bring joy. Words can bring pain. Words can bring knowledge. In the hands of the right pony, they can bring all of these things. In the lands outside the fledgeling Equestria, one such pony has tracked a newfound fable back to its source, and she has a few choice words of her own prepared--because words... words have power.
    The Boy Who Cried Wolf Audio Book
    EQD Story Page

    Reader: Shadow Of Cygnus

    Story: Yours Truly


    Author: Thanqol
    Description: Distance can drive us apart. It can also bring us closer together.
    After all is said and done, and the ponies have gone their separate ways, the only way they have to keep in touch is through letters.
    Yours Truly Audio Book
    EQD page

    Reader: Nimbus Productions

    Personal blurb: Stories traditionally tell a story through narrative and dialogue. But every once in a while a story comes along that challenges that stereotype, and some pull it off extremely well. Your's Truly tells the story of the Mane 6 as they move on with their life after battling evil and saving Equestria. It doesn't do this with narration however, it does through written letters and correspondence between the 6 friends. It is one of the most beautiful stories I have had the pleasure of reading and one I remember fondly.

    Story: Plural Possessive

    JohnPerry — Besides being a superb take on the Past Sins prompt, this story is just fun, plain and simple. Aquaman displays an excellent grasp on comedic timing and offers plenty of laugh out loud lines, but at the same time never loses sight of his characters, making this story surprisingly grounded for all its silliness. Anyone looking to write comedy should take note.

    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: Aquaman

    Description: The plan, he thought, was perfect. Instead of returning to the mortal world as a shade of his former self, King Sombra would transmute his soul into the body of his greatest foe, using her influence and power to destroy Equestria from the inside and take vengeance on the Princesses that stole his beloved empire. There's just one problem: after her fight with Tirek, Twilight Sparkle changed her address. This turns out to be a much bigger problem than Sombra thought. A Dinky-Doo-sized problem, to be precise.

    Plural Possessive Audio Book
    EQD page

    Reader: Neighrator Pony

    Personal Blurb: "This story really stood out among the other finalists of the "More Most Dangerous Game" contest, and by the time I finished the first chapter I knew I wanted to make an audio version. I don't think there's ever been a story written about two more disparate characters, and Sombra was lots of fun to voice. Enjoy!

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