• The Rest of Building Bridges Hits Youtube

    If you wanted to dive into the music of Building Bridges on Youtube, the second round of songs has been uploaded to do just that! Round 1 can be over here, and the actual album can be purches to help out on the charity front here.

    Get your music below!

    [1] Source

    Equestrian Tails - Doc Interlude and Fimbulin (Orchestral) by Ricardo Castro

    [2] Source

    GhostXb - Destination by GhostXb

    [3] Source

    Sasha Lace -Street Rhythm (ft. Andante Skie, Fire Frets) by Sasha Lace

    [4] Source

    Nikki Layne - Left Waiting (Cover by Itchigotchi and Francis Vace) by Sad Horse Crew

    [5] Source

    SDreamExplorerS - Sharing The Emptiness by Soul Strings

    [6] Source

    Derpy & Cloud Nine - Stratosphere by The Official Derpy

    [7] Source

    Shimmering Dusk - By Reverbrony - Seeds of Kindness by Reverb Brony

    [8] Source

    Sprocket - My Little Flame - CHARITY by Sprocket Doggingsworth