• 3D Pony Art Compilation #23

    SHE IS THE COUNTESS. I wonder why no one has fully animated that in SFM yet? Seems like a good one to really stretch those skills.

    Anyway, get your 3D pony art below.

    [1] Source

    derp Countess Coloratura by Virrop

    [2] Source

    Lyra Heartstrings by indexpony

    [3] Source

    Bronies Twilight second anniversary by Cumill11

    [4] Source

    Here is a cupcake by DogeBuild

    [5] Source

    A merry horse-mas by SourceRabbit

    [6] Source

    Apple Pride by indexpony

    [7] Source

    Dentist Meeting by VBASTV

    [8] Source

    A Kiss on the Cheek? by Shaboodleguitar

    [9] Source

    WyldFyr (Commission) by djpon3yay

    [10] Source

    [SFM] Jingle by AeridicCore

    [11] Source

    Get ready to race!!! by Fullmoonrose7

    [12] Source

    All I Want for Hearth's Warming is You by JarrodfengMLP

    [13] Source

    [SFM] Game World by MajorRainbow

    [14] Source

    Boxpons! - Rarity by Starstrike42896

    [15] Source

    Don't look behind by DogeBuild

    [16] Source

    [SFM] Upset by RedAceOfSpades

    [17] Source

    Countess by Adina1oo

    [18] Source

    Less like an Army, More like Dysfunctional Family by ForzaNinetails

    [19] Source

    Trixie by DrakenShiinx

    [20] Source

    Tea party with pets by MadFoot8

    [21] Source

    Sunset shmmer princess by etiennejaquier

    [22] Source

    [SFM]Little Rider by MajorRainbow

    [23] Source

    Sweetie Bot [SFM] by Yutogashi

    [24] Source

    CutieMarkCrusaders, Diamond Tiara,and Silver Spoon by SugarCube-Cake

    [25] Source

    [SFM] Sweetie Belle by GoldenLogik

    [26] Source

    Derps to the horizon by Xppp1N

    [27] Source

    merry Xmas and happy hanouka by frikay29

    [28] Source

    Morning Commute by ForzaNinetails

    [29] Source

    Nya! by Starstrike42896

    [30] Source

    Insert a Title Here by KonyJay

    [31] Source

    Unexpected meeting by SelestLight