• Analysis and Discussion: Pony Facts About Flash Sentry - and What Do You Think of The Pairing?

    I bring this one up mainly because I've wanted to discuss Flash Sentry here for a while. Ever since his appearance in the first Equestria Girls movie, many have feared that this heavily hinted at romance between him and Twilight was actually going to happen. The show staff have reassured us multiple times that the pony version of her would stay single (or at least, not hook up with Flash), but they seem to have taken it a step further and avoided the romance in the actual EG movies with human Twilight too. Even with the toy line for Friendship Games pairing them up, they really don't react a whole lot anymore.

    Will the 4th movie be that tipping point? Or are they going to avoid it forever and just keep it as a nod on the sidelines? Technically it's not "weird" anymore now that pony Twilight has been replaced with the Scientific human-world version. Would this still bother you? Would a Sci-Twi/Sentry romance be too much?

    I'm not going to lie, a short about him finding out the old Twilight is actually a horse after tying that romantic knot would have been pretty funny. 

    Anyway, get some facts about the dude below!