• More Most Dangerous Game Fifth Place Winner: Plural Possessive

    JohnPerry — Besides being a superb take on the Past Sins prompt, this story is just fun, plain and simple. Aquaman displays an excellent grasp on comedic timing and offers plenty of laugh out loud lines, but at the same time never loses sight of his characters, making this story surprisingly grounded for all its silliness. Anyone looking to write comedy should take note.

    [Comedy][Slice of Life]

    Author: Aquaman

    Description: The plan, he thought, was perfect. Instead of returning to the mortal world as a shade of his former self, King Sombra would transmute his soul into the body of his greatest foe, using her influence and power to destroy Equestria from the inside and take vengeance on the Princesses that stole his beloved empire. There's just one problem: after her fight with Tirek, Twilight Sparkle changed her address. This turns out to be a much bigger problem than Sombra thought. A Dinky-Doo-sized problem, to be precise.

    Plural Possessive

    Additional Tags: Like Past Sins, Only Dumber