• 'Year of the Unicorn' Declares Business News

    It looks like we're not the only ones excited about magical equines this year. In a news report from The Wall Street Journal and Fortune magazine unicorns are in and are expected to make huge gains this year as not only young girls, but young boys start to get into the craze.

    The reason behind the surge? Friendship is Magic of course! Both articles cite our favorite little equines as being a major driving force into the surge of unicorn popularity. While last year was the year of the horse, this year is looking to be an even stronger year which can only mean good things for FiM! Even more importantly, it's great to see so many of the target demo, and young boys as well, getting into the show.

    Check down below for links to the articles. The WSJ article is behind a pay wall so the link goes to Google where you can follow the link to the article there which circumvents the pay wall.

    Thanks to Black Day for sending them in!

    Fortune Article
    Link to Google to find the WSJ Article

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